Client Services

While currently primarily focused on software product development, Aerion Technologies has historically provided consulting services for aerodynamic analysis and aircraft design. We work with companies of all sizes on an interim and long-term basis to supplement their technical staff with our specialized expertise. Please inquire if you have a pressing need for any of the services described here.

Our clients turn to us because we have a lengthy track record in applying advanced multidisciplinary optimization methods to improve aerospace designs at both the conceptual and preliminary phases. By augmenting their efforts with our experience and simulation capabilities, our clients can design unconventional aircraft to achieve ambitious performance targets with greater confidence and success.

Previous work includes aerodynamic analysis and design of America's Cup sailboats, large and small unpiloted aircraft, and flying toys. We have also provided custom analysis and optimization software for aerospace organizations such as Aerion Corporation, AeroVironment, Airbus, DARPA, ICON Aircraft, National Institute of Aerospace, NASA, Northrop Grumman, and others.

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