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Oblique Wing Data and Resources


Applied Aero Textbook

Calculators & Converters

PANDA: Program for Analysis and Design of Airfoils

Standard Atmosphere Calculator


A Rapid, Robust, and Accurate Coupled Boundary-Layer Method for Cart3D

A Quasi-Simultaneous Interactive Boundary-Layer Model for a Cartesian Euler Solver

Improving the Accuracy of Euler/Boundary-Layer Solvers with Anisotropic Diffusion Methods

Extensible Rapid Transition Prediction for Aircraft Conceptual Design

A More Efficient Conceptual Design Process Using the RAGE Geometry Modeler

Aircraft Conceptual Design with Natural Laminar Flow

Propulsion/Airframe Integration and Optimization on a Supersonic Business Jet

Extensive Supersonic Natural Laminar Flow on the Aerion Business Jet

Conceptual Design of Conventional and Oblique Wing Configurations for Small Supersonic Aircraft

A Rapid Geometry Engine for Preliminary Aircraft Design

Two-Level Multi-Fidelity Design Optimization Studies for Supersonic Jets

A Framework for Aircraft Conceptual Design and Environmental Performance Studies

Multi-Fidelity Design Optimization of Low-Boom Supersonic Business Jets

An Aerodynamic Design Method for Natural Laminar Flow Aircraft

The Complex-Step Derivative Approximation

Multidisciplinary Optimization of a Supersonic Inlet Using a Cartesian CFD Method

Product Documentation

GoCart Product Documentation

Cart3D Product Documentation

RAGE Product Documentation

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