Rapid Aerospace Geometry Engine

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RAGE allows for the generation of a variety of computational aerodynamic models from a central parameterized geometry definition. Designers can quickly and easily develop aircraft geometries that range from very simple to quite detailed for analysis with an assortment of computational aerodynamics tools. This allows the designer to avoid CADD-based preliminary design, which is often a bottleneck in efficiency.

The designer can make minor and even major changes to the aircraft design very efficiently. Once a candidate design has been developed, the geometry can be output into a format most CADD systems can read for the next stage in the design process.

What’s included in RAGE

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  • RAGE exports native .tri files for use directly with Cart3D.
  • GoCart reads native RAGE input files as well for increased efficiency.

While its simple text file input format suggests RAGE is simplistic, the application distinguishes itself by the quality of its geometry primitives, it's efficiency and speed, and the degree to which it is tuned for effective design and shape optimization within batch processes and optimizers.

The most effective way to start learning RAGE is to start with sample input files that we provide and make modifications. Instructions and additional sample geometries are located on our documentation site linked below.

Supported Platforms

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  • Windows 7 (64-bit)
  • Mac OSX 10.6 and later (64-bit)
  • Linux CentOS 6, Ubuntu 12, and openSUSE 11/12

Minimum System Requirements:



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AIAA-2011-159: A More Efficient Conceptual Design Process Using the RAGE Geometry Modeler

AIAA-2006-0929: A Rapid Geometry Engine for Preliminary Aircraft Design