Our Clients & Partners

Our products have been utilized by industry leaders in the aerospace field and by some of the largest producers of flight-craft in the world. Our products work in conjunction with an expanding list of third-party products. Learn how you can become a client or partner to Desktop Aeronautics

Below is a small sampling of our clients and partners.

Aerion Corporation

A long-time collaborating team member on the Aerion Supersonic Business Jet project, Desktop Aeronautics is now a fully integrated part of the Aerion Corporation. We are fully committed in bringing you a uniquely advanced resource for aerodynamic analysis and aircraft design. Visit their site


Desktop Aeronautics has worked with Airbus to prove advanced multi- disciplinary design methodologies that will aid in the development of future transport aircraft with greater cargo and range capacity, higher fuel efficiency, and lower carbon footprint. Visit their site


We’ve seamlessly integrated GoCart’s ability to export results into Tecplot360 and Chorus, giving users flexibility in post-processing results. Visit their site


As a rapid and automated solver, Cart3D is ideally suited for design optimization and batch processing. Through ModelCenter's QuickWrap functionality, engineers can configure a Cart3D run in GoCart and then define the parameters of the input file that they wish to expose to ModelCenter's optimizers. This integration is ideal for shape optimization and running trade studies. Visit their site


NASA's open source 3D modeler has various methods of exporting geometry meshes to Cart3D. GoCart anticipates some of the artifacts that users sometimes find in OpenVSP models when attempting to analyze them with Cart3D. The simplicity of the GoCart workflow is well paired to OpenVSP's ease of use. Visit their site