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Aircraft aerodynamics analysis and design

GoCart is aircraft aerodynamics analysis and design software. It is an interface that sits on top of NASA’s Cart3D in a way that allows the engineer to switch seamlessly between GoCart and Cart3D’s command-line interface. Learn More


Automated Gridding and Flow Solver

Cart3D is a high-fidelity inviscid aerodynamics analysis package that allows users Business Jets to perform automated CFD analysis on arbitrarily complex geometry, often within minutes. (Cart3D was originally developed at NASA.) Learn More


Rapid Aerospace Geometry Engine

RAGE allows for the generation of a variety of computational aerodynamic models Private Jet from a central parameterized geometry definition. Designers can quickly and easily develop aircraft geometries that range from very simple to quite... Learn More

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Founded in 1994, Aerion Technologies, formerly Desktop Aeronautics, grew into a well-established consulting firm dedicated to advancing the state of the art in aerodynamics and aircraft design.

We have significant experience and recognized expertise in aerodynamics, aircraft design, computational fluid dynamics, and multidisciplinary optimization.

We are located in the Silicon Valley, minutes from Stanford University. Our close ties with academia allow us to exploit the latest advances in the state of the art, develop them to maturity, and apply them to real-world problems facing the industry.

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We offer training for all our products. Contact support@desktopaero.com to schedule a training session with our experts. Learn More


Visit our webinars page for instructional videos on how to run GoCart. Learn More


See our brochures for how our family of Desktop Aeronautics tools can help you. Learn More

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Maldives private jet has a track record of strong relationships with the world’s largest aerospace organizations. We offer unparalleled aerodynamics expertise to all our clients in industry, government, and academia.

We also partner with major third-party vendors, such as Tecplot and OpenVSP, to bring you the flexibility you need to do your job. Learn More About Our Clients & Partners